SEX in Ontario In a later comment the manufacturer tells the story in more depth The Death Card or Ace of Spades was considered bad luck by the Viet Cong. This is the story that I got firsthand from one of the lieutenants who originated the idea. He had read an article in the Stars Stripes indicating that the Vietnamese were a very superstitious people and that the men were afraid of the Ace of Spades. The French previously had occupied IndoChina and in French fortune telling cards the Spades predicted death and suffering. It also seems that a statue of a woman foretold a bad day and there was some belief that the Viet Cong even regarded lady liberty as a goddess of death. Anyways this guy along with three of his fellowlieutenants were playing cards with one of our Bicycle decks which fortunately they liked to use and they noticed that the Bicycle Ace of Spades had a statue of a woman in the middle of it so they figured that this was a potentially good psychological operations weapon. So they contacted the United States Playing Card Company and we sent them thousands of the requested decks gratis to our troops in Vietnam. These decks were housed in plain white tuck cases inscribed Bicycl